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Primitive Captcha Solving / OCR in Javascript

BlizzLogo_reasonably_small Blizzard's recently concluded Diablo 3 beta key giveaway Twitter contest provides an opportunity to demonstrate primitive Captcha solving / OCR in Javascript, along with some basic use of the HTML5 canvas element, a Javascript OAuth library, and artificial neural networks.
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Unpacking Javascript

March 29, 2011 | Tags: | Leave a comment

javascript If you’ve worked with numerous javascript-heavy open source web applications, you’ve probably come across javascript files that look like they were encoded into a single large block of gibberish. Whether the purpose of this obfuscation was to protect the original code or to minimize the download size, it becomes a pain if you are trying to debug or modify a piece of javascript code that looks something like this:
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Case Sensitivity in PHP

July 14, 2010 | Tags: | Leave a comment

php_logo It surprised me to learn that class names in PHP are actually case insensitive. That means the following is legal:
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Curly Braces within Double Quotes in PHP

May 31, 2010 | Tags: , | 2 Comments

php_logo Curly braces are used to delimit variables in double quoted strings in PHP. While very useful in many situations, this can cause confusion when trying to print a combination of curly braces and variables.
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Automating Facebook

January 27, 2009 | Tags: | Leave a comment

facebook_logo You know those Facebook applications that require you to click a button over and over again? Ever wish you could program your browser to automatically click those buttons so you don't have to do it yourself? With a little programming knowledge you can, and here's how.
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PHP Bug in array_multisort()

April 13, 2005 | Tags: | Leave a comment

php_logo Be careful when using array_multisort() on copies of arrays, as you might end up changing the original array. This is actually a real bug in PHP 5.0.4-dev, and I lost half a day to debugging as a result of this. I explain the bug and a workaround here.
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