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Dealing with High Laptop Temperatures

October 24, 2008 | Tags: | Leave a comment

Over the past few weeks, Rukia (my Sony Vaio SZ480) has been running quite hot (up to 94 degrees C) when at full load with video intensive applications. That’s pretty insane. This week I finally got around to addressing this issue. I bought a Zalman notebook cooler, which brought the temps down to around 86C at full load, and then configured RMClock to undervolt my 13 FID (max) VID to 1.0375 V (from the default 1.1625 V), as well as the subsequent lower FIDs (I was able to run 11 FID at the minimum 0.9500 VCore allowed by the BIOS), and now Rukia never goes above 78C at full load. (She hovers around 50C on idle.)

I’d recommend anyone with a laptop to at least undervolt their CPU. You’ll prolong battery life, decrease energy costs, increase the lifespan of the hardware, and help save the environment– all at no cost to performance! Here’s a nifty guide to follow. It’s written for Vista, but you can extrapolate it to work for XP without any problems.

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