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PlayStation 2 Hacking Notes

July 27, 2007 | Tags: , , | 1 Comment

I hacked my PS2 a long, long time ago to play games off the hard drive and use the SNES emulator. Because it’s not often that I install new games, each time I want to do so, I forget what I need to do and end up spending 30 minutes searching for files and instructions. Well, enough of that– I’m going to write down some notes here to help me remember what to do, even if the PS2 is so last-generation and I may never want to do this again.

First, some files:

  • ExecFTP: FTP server for the PS2
  • hdl_dumb: AKA hdl_dump, this is server-client software used to transfer and convert ISOs
  • HD Advance: Used to browse and play games on the PS2 hard drive
  • SNES Station: SNES emulator for the PS2 (just for fun)

1. I assume the memory card exploit has been installed. I use Chrono Cross (CD 1) as my trigger disc.

2. The PS2 IP address used by ExecFTP and hdl_dumb is read from the IPCONFIG.DAT file in the /mc/0/SYS-CONF directory. The format of the file is [IP_Address Subnet_Mask IP_Gateway]. My PS2 IP is 192.x.x.195.

3. The memory card exploit will boot up the BOOT.ELF file in the /mc/0/BADATA-SYSTEM directory. To run HD Advance, ExecFTP, hdld_svr (the PS2 server for hdl_dumb), the SNES emulator, or ELF Loader, rename that particular ELF file to BOOT.ELF. Capitalization matters, otherwise you’ll get a blank red screen. I use ELF Loader to run the other ELFs.

4. For the DMS3 modchip (which I think is the one I have installed), you need to hold down the circle button when booting up the PS2 to read any PS1 disc, such as Chrono Cross.

5. Given the items stated above, it should be pretty simple now. Put the memory card with the exploit into the first slot, put in Chrono Cross Disc 1, boot up the PS2 while holding down the circle button, see the ELF Loader launch, run hdld_svr (make sure it’s on the same subnet as your computer), run the hdl_dumb client, and follow the instructions to upload the ISO. Then run HD Advance (or HD Loader, same thing) to run the game.

That’s it.

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